Best tours package starting visit Celuk for gold and silver village , then to Batuan village to se local house compound and painters. Drive up to Lod Tunduh where you should taste the flavour of pure Bali coffee and luwak Cofffee. Lunch will serve you with set menu while enjoy the rice fields panorama. Take 40 minute drive to Taro elephant safari park you have best experience ride elephant in the forest after ride enjoy your time photo with elephant, petting elephant and visit elephant sanctuary than last trip we will stop at Ubud  Monkey forest.

Taro Elephant Safari Park

dsc_0092Welcome to the popular adventure on the island of Bali, Elephant ride attraction incredible and memorable adventure with an elephant ride around. Make your holiday in Bali full of memory. This adventure includes you ride an elephant and see a cute elephant. You can get in two different place we serve you as an option adventure. The elephant safari park Taro is the best company of choice elephant adventure that gives you satisfaction with the excess as an added value to your elephant adventure on the island paradise of Bali.

Celuk Village

celukMost of which spesialize in the gold and silver jewelry for which Celuk is the island’s undisputed center. Turning left off the main road in the center of the village you can enter a maze of back alleys where from almost every household emanates the sounds of hammering, chiseling, and filing as people work to supply these shops with nsmall masterpieces, and to fulfill large export orders.

Balinese House Compound

dsc_0073Batuan Balinese House Compound is located around 15 km from Denpasar. Visit a local people lives in everyday life, this private house compound built in original Balinese concept , known as “ kosala-kosali concept ”.This form of concept is same anywhere in Bali. All the placement in the building is the same inside the compound. Each building or pavilion has their own function, a building to make the offering thing of the festival in the east. Kitchen in the south side, building in the west becomes the room of parents and, building in the north side, it is a room of children or a building to put a possible offering thing. Inside the compound also found one of the most important building which is “family temple”, this family temple will be placed in a northeastern side of the house compound.

Coffee Plantation

celuk1Coffee Luwak or civet coffee is coffee made from coffee berries which have been eaten by civet and passed trough the digestive track Asian Palm Civet . One collected , the beans are processed hygienically, and only baked half cooked and then pounded with a trough so as not to spoil the taste. Kopi luwak process occurs on the island of Bali, Java and Sumatra in the Indonesia Archipelago.

Monkey Forest

dsc_0135Ubud Monkey Forest was once infamous for it’s menacing monkeys, who would snatch valuables from unwitting tourists, or approach them aggressively. Since 2002, however, the forest has been under the management of a local organization devoted to the preservation and care of the forest and it’s furry denizens. Salaried attendants are on duty daily though out the forest. The know all the monkeys, their idiosyncrasies and habits, and if any healty or behavior problems arise, veterinarians and wildlife experts are consulted to resolve them. The monkeys enjoy supplementary food, and with the care and guidance of the new monkey patrol, their manners are much improved. The forest is now clean of litter too, and has well maintained trails.


Adult USD 120 / person
Kids USd 110 / person


35 Minutes Elephant Ride
Family friendly trip
Private fully air-conditioner car
Experienced english speaking driver
All the entrance fees and tickets are included
Visit Ubud art villages, the artistic hub of Bali
Surround yourself around hundreds of native Monkeys in the Ubud monkey forest
One Set Menu of Indonesian Food
Free use of sarong when entering the temple
Government tax


Private Full Air-Conditioning Car
Professional English Speaking Driver
35 Minutes Elephant Ride
Elephant Show
Elephant Feeding
Elephant Park Admission
All Entrance Tickets
21% Government Tax and Service
Mineral Water
Free use of sarong when entering the temple